What We Do

Our Team can deliver…

Cloud (Microsoft Azure)

  • Migration to Microsoft Azure for hybrid model.
  • On premise to cloud migration for Microsoft Exchange, CRM and Sharepoint.
  • Workflow automation using Office365 products and components.
  • Automate data transfer between external data sources and CRM online/Azure SQL.
  • Development of Azure cloud native apps and mobile apps.


  • Webtop legacy client-server applications.
  • Access where remote access bandwidth is low.
  • Simplify remote access without traditional complexity and costs.
  • Data security and leakage prevention.
  • Mobility Device Management.

Big Data

  • Find which 20% of your customers is generating 80% of your revenue.
  • Which product/service combination generate top revenue on which customers.
  • Find hidden trends in your business.
  • Build model pulling data from heterogeneous environment.
  • Create self service portal for ad hoc reports no longer dependent on IT staffs.

Cloud, Mobility and Big Data