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  • MORTGAGE BROKER (live data digital signage from CRM online)
    • Challenge: How can I motivate my sales staff to increase sales?  How can I track which real estate agent is providing most leads as it happen?
    • How: Create special plugins which pulled live data from their CRM online and publish onto digital signage that loops between footy style score on sales staff and real estate agents ranked by leads.
    • Result: Sales increased by 30% with weekly prize winner.  Customer was able to identify which real estate agents to spend most time


  • TRAINING COLLEGE RESELLER (automate data import into CRM online)
    • Challenge: With 100 staff divided into 5 sales team competing against each other the whiteboard+marker can no longer keep up with scores.  More manual work is required to calculate commissions and keep staff motivated.  Many of the leads(prospects) manually loaded into our CRM have already been contacted by another reseller.
    • How: Live tracking and comparison of 5 sales team as well as hero of the day.  Enabled by combination of plugins and FetchXML code which publishes live data to digital signage display in the call centre and breakout area.  Customise RDL reports automatically calculate commissions payable for each team and its members.  A cloud native input API was created in Azure which delivers leads into CRM 24hrs 7 days a week automatically.
    • Result: Sale team leader able to spend more time helping team members to win the weekly and monthly bonuses.  Management can easily see progress towards sales target.  New leads already available in CRM from overnight which staff can be confident that they will be the first to call the prospects.


  • OIL & GAS SUPPLIER (migrating to Office365 without downtime on any branch) 
    • Challenge: With 4 branches (3 overseas), several versions of Windows OS and different patch levels, how can I migrate all emails and public folders to Office365 exchange online without downtime?    After migration I want to keep my Active Directory to management user credentials.
    • How: Using our special migration tool we copied mailboxes, contacts, public folders across to Office365 while staff continue to use their on premise exchange.  A downtime of 15mins was scheduled late Fri night to cutover the domain and allow for propagation.  Powershell scripts were used create additional features to automate handling of customer support.  AD sync was implemented to allow IT manager to continue control via local AD.
    • Result: All branches were cutover in one go and started on Office365 on following Monday.  Customer support requests were automatically copied to special staff as well as archiving to special folders.


  • MANUFACTURER (anywhere anytime any device access to legacy ERP)
    • Challenge: Access to our client-server legacy ERP is very slow especially from branch office outside of the Sydney head office where ERP is running.  Additional intercity bandwidth does not seem to improve the end user experience at branch site via Remote Desktop Service.  Access is both unreliable and clunky.
    • How: Web enable legacy ERP using webtop technology which allows clientless access using a browser.
    • Result: Speed of branch office end user experience is same as if a second local instance of legacy ERP was installed.  Further saving is achieved by lowering the intercity bandwidth which is no longer required.  Staff are also mobilised as they can now access their ERP from any device outside of their office.


  • HUMAN RESOURCE OUTSOURCER (hosted on premise old CRM costing too much) 
    • Challenge: All of my servers are hosted offsite under a service contract whose costs are now unsustainable.  Furthermore the versions of Microsoft platform (server OS, CRM, Exchange) are more than 5 years old not supportable.  My file server has evolved from filer to piler with little control over level of access.
    • How: Migrated customisation & data from on premise 2011 CRM to 2013 followed by 2016 before finally CRM online.  All customisations were converted to be compatible to CRM online.  This include redevelopment work on plugins to FetchXML, RDL files and Powershell scripts.  Special SQL scripts which compared on premise CRM 2011 and CRM online to ensure all entitles and fields are migrated.  All file server contents copied to SharePoint online with secured sites and pages.  Integrate CRM and SharePoint & OneNote allowed candidate documents to be stored against each candidate managed.
    • Result: Monthly costs reduced by 80%.  All corporate PCs on same Microsoft office suite with automatic updates as well as freedom to work on any PC.  Further saving as desktop application support is included in Office365 subscription.


  • RECRUITMENT COMPANY (automate SQL online data import to on-premise SalesForce)
    • Challenge: Manually delivery of enriched data is currently delivered via email to our SalesForce CRM system.  This requires human labor at both sending and receiving end once a day.   However this becomes exacerbated when duplicate data is detected by SaleForce when means additional data need to be send quickly before the day starts.
    • How: A cloud native output API was created which collects from enriched data that resides in SQL online before depositing directly into SalesForce CRM.  Secondly the SQL online is scanned every few minutes if new data batches are available for delivery which enabled additional data to be delivered on demand.  Finally, the API automatically report for each data batch number the transactional details (# of success/fail delivered, duplicates returned).
    • Result: Data is delivered fully automatically to SalesForce CRM in a series of batches until the quota is satisfied.  Each batch may include number of records between 1,000 to 10,000 which takes secs to deliver with immediate reporting to confirm delivery.  Furthermore the reports can be used to generate invoices to the subscribing customer based on number of unique records successfully delivered.

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